Queen Rose U Shaped Velour Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy pillows are some of the most versatile pillows that you will come across. Do not let the name of these pillows fool you. There is nothing stopping people from using these pillows if they are not pregnant. Before we move on to our review of the Queen Rose Velour pregnancy pillow, we will take a look at some of these alternative uses.

One of the more common uses for pregnancy pillows, when they are not used by pregnant women, is by those who are recovering from surgery. If you have ever had surgery, you know about the soreness and pain that can last for months afterward. If you sleep in an unsupported position, this pain can multiply by the time you wake up.

Queen Rose U Shaped Velour Pregnancy Pillow Features

These pillow help keep you in position while you are asleep, so you will not have to surround yourself with several traditional pillows instead. This is the same reason for which these pillows are ideal for elderly clients who find that their arthritis or soreness increases after sleeping in without enough support.

Another reason for using a pregnancy pillow is because you have suffered a recent sports injury and you would like to keep yourself well-positioned for recovery while you sleep. Pregnancy pillows can even be used to help for those of us who have issues with sleep positioning.

If you wake up with pains after a night of sleep, you may have to adjust your sleeping form, and a pregnancy pillow can help you do that with the extra support it provides. One of the less serious reasons for using a pregnancy pillow is simply because they tend to be more comfortable than other full-body pillows.

Before we get to our review of this pregnancy pillow, we are going to take a look at two characteristics which are integral to a pillow with high quality. Feel free to skip ahead to our review if you would prefer to get right to it.


You should always consider price before making your purchase. One of the best ways that you can ensure that you don't end up overspending is by setting a budget beforehand. Of course, more expensive pregnancy pillows will feature better quality, and they will have more features.

Queen Rose U Shaped Velour Pregnancy Pillow Removable Cover

Keep in mind that price is not everything. You can sometimes find pregnancy pillows that are far better than the competition for a lower price point; you just have to look for them. Do not use the price as your only measure of knowing whether or not a product is worth your purchase.


You should also consider how easy your pillow is to wash and maintain. If you don’t feel like doing an excessive amount of work to keep your pregnancy pillow clean, you will want to opt for a model that can be washed in a washing machine. This is relatively rare, however.

A large number of pregnancy pillows can have their covers washed in the machine, however, which is convenient as the cover of pillows is usually the only part that ends up dirty. If you cannot machine wash a part of your pillow, you will have to spot clean it with warm water and detergent gently.

About The Product

If you want the most comfortable pregnancy pillow around and you are willing to spend the money for it, you will love this model. It is made by Queen Rose and features excellent build quality. Some notable features:

  • Features 100% cotton construction
  • The shape of this pillow is both unique and ergonomic for greater comfort
  • This pillow is capable of relieving sleep-related pain
  • This pillow may be used if you are in bed, or on the couch, or even a carpeted floor
  • Features a cotton velour cover for better levels of comfort
  • Features a pillow case which may be machine washed
  • This pillow can be returned within 30 days if you are not satisfied with it


The shape of this pillow is the first thing you will notice once you pull it out of the box. Unlike other U shaped pillows, you will find that this model features a design which can wrap around the entirety of your body can keep you comfortable no matter how you position yourself.

Woman On Queen Rose U Shaped Velour Pregnancy Pillow

Thanks to this unique design, this pillow can be used anywhere that you want it, even on the floor. This will keep you comfortable, even when you are not in bed and about to fall asleep. Another aspect which contributes to the comfort of this pillow is the cotton velour cover.

This cover may be comfortable, but it can also be machine washed for a greater degree of user-friendliness. If you are walking around carrying a baby all day, the last thing you will want to do is strain yourself doing unnecessary cleaning.

What Others Say

We have also taken a look at some of the reviews that customers have written about this product so we can give you a better idea of its performance. Most buyers wrote about the exceptional comfort that you will get out of this pregnancy pillow. This model outshines all of its competition when it comes to this aspect.

There were some complaints about this pillow being a little too short to support taller users properly, so if you are a little bigger when it comes to stature, you may wish to invest in another model.

Buying Advice

This is one of the most expensive pregnancy pillows that you will find, but it is worth every penny that you spend on it if you value comfort above all else. It can usually be found on Amazon for around 150 dollars, but it can drop to as low as 60 dollars whenever it goes on sale.

Queen Rose U Shaped Velour Pregnancy Pillow

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If you want the most comfortable pregnancy pillow and you are not afraid to spend a little bit more money, opt for this model from Queen Rose. We thank you for your time, and we hope that our review has helped you decide on whether or not this pillow is for you.

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